About Us

New England Automotive’s Mission Statement

The experience a driver and passenger can share is a unique one. The core of that memory is common, but unforgettable; wow. The butterflies the driver gets as he/she turns the key. The growing anticipation of the passenger as they quickly grab their seat belt, we all know what time it is, ITS TIME FOR A HELL RIDE!!

These are the moments we wish to capture, write about, talk about, and share with New England and the world. Its having that ONE moment we all can relate to; our first ride in THAT car. The make, the model, or its condition, are not important because we all appreciate the stories told of one’s first ride.

Many publications talk about the car and its stats, which most of us car nuts know off hand. We recite them when THAT car drives by, because we know cars! The driver is the key element that is overlooked time and time again. Without the keys (or fob), the car wouldn’t start. Without press of the accelerator, the car would stand still, “sorry kids no goose bumps today”.  No exhaust note, no burnouts, no racing, no movement without the driver. Bridging the gap between driver and car is what we at New England Automotive Magazine aim to do.


NON PAID factory reviews (yes I said it, you can’t pay us to write a positive review about your car, sorry)

Education: Lets educate our younger followers to ensure the history of the automotive industry is kept intact. Teach them the dos and don’ts (Yes at times this can become very opinionated, but that’s the beauty of an opinion, everyone has one including NEAUTOMAG!). Point them in the right direction if they happen to inherit a vehicle that is up there in age and needs work.

Community: Provide a home for a regional community, where all ideas, comments, and conversations are welcome.

Local features: Covering local cars that deserve to be talked about. Submit yours today!

Local shop reviews: Highlighting shops that NEED to be known. Specialty shops and your local mechanics; the history in New England is rich and there is NO REASON why it should be kept a secret!

Event Coverage: Pre show and post show write ups, if you couldn’t make it, we did and here is what took place.

NE AUTO MAG is not a fly-by night publication, we are deep-rooted and plan on being here for years to come.